Hand holding the EarthPT. PRI was founded in 2011 by experts (from around the world) combined with German knowledge to process the rapidly rising quantities of post consumer PET.

IInstead of disposing or burning PET, the new processing technology is not only environmentally friendly, but also saves our limited resources of oil and gas. If post consumer PET and post industrial PET will find their way into the recyclable material cycle, undoubtedly, it will be a closed circuit which is good for our planet.

Our medium-term aim is to be one of the best producers of PET quality flakes in Indonesia. In the long run we hope to realize the so called “bottle to bottle production” through producing good quality flakes.

The centerpiece of our philosophy is to preserve and protect our environment for our children as we are responsible for their future.

To achieve this target we have established a modern PET recycling plant in Karawang including one of the first water treatment systems for PET in Indonesia, to emphasize our undisputed interest in preserving the environment. Permanent quality control and the strong will of all members of the staff within PT. PRI to improve every day are the cornerstones of our behavior.