PT Production Recycling

Legality for the Web

    1. Akte Pendirian Perusahaan (Company act of foundation)
      Akte No. 20, Tanggal 19.10.2011, Notaris Ida Rosida Suryana, SH,
      di Karawang
    2. SK Kehakiman (Authorization from Ministry of Justice)
      Reg No: AHU-54039.AH.01.01.Tahun 2011
      Released: 04.11.2011
    3. NPWP (Main Taxpayer’s ID TIN)
      Reg No: 31.420.657.4-433.000
      Released: 18.11.2011
    4. SIUP – TPD (Company registering number) 
      Reg No:
      Released: 28.11.2011
    5. UKL – ULP (Environment Exploration and Controlling Authorization)
      Reg No: 660.1/653/BPLH
      Released: 13.11.2012
    6. HO (Permit to deal with hazard commodities)
      Reg No: 503/6931/HO/BPMPT/2012
      Released: 28.12.2012
    7. IUI (Permit for Industrial Company) 
      Reg No: 314/1/IU/I/PMA/INDUSTRI/2013
      Released: 28.03.2013
    8. API-P (Identification number for Imports)
      Reg No: 101509081-B
      Released: 03.05.2013
    9. NIK (Main Identification number for custom matters) 
      Reg No: 05.036400
      Released: 15.05.2013
    10. IP Limbah NON B3 Plastik (Permit to process Non-Hazard Plastic Waste)
      (Izin Penggunaan Limbah Non B3, Plasik)