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Our modern society calls for several different sorts of synthetics for different fields of application. One of the most fascinating plastics is PET.
PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate better written as Poly Ethylene Terephthalate,as it doesn’t contain any Polyethylene) is a polyester which consists exclusively of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. To produce one kilo of PET you need 1,9 KG of crude oil and 23Kwh.

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With recycling in modern facilities you will economize about 50% of the energy towards a new production or more than 1 liter of crude oil and additionally you will save more than 3 kilo of greenhouse gas as for example Co2 including methane, laughing gas and other relevant greenhouse gases.

PET is technically speaking a linear thermoplastic resin which is created by condensation of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid and can be melted at temperatures of > 250°C for the amorphous form to any form people wish.
The success story of PET began with its use in the textile industry for polyester fiber, in automobile industry for PET components, not to forget the pharmacy and medicine role due to its shelter against germs and of course within the packaging industry like food packaging, straps and bottles. In certain countries bottles out of PET have overtaken the role of the old classic glass bottle – one of the reasons besides many others is that PET is a strong resin whereby its weight is only 10% of the weight of an identical glass container and has a crystal clear transparency.
See also link http://www.petrecycling.ch/de/produkte_aus_pet

Basic requirement for PET recycling is the purity of the handled material. All kinds of impurity have to be avoided.
Depending on the future usage or application the purity has to be differentiated. Nowadays PET bottle flakes buyers expect a high level of purity. To reach a 100% close PET cycle – so to produce out of old post consumer bottles new bottles – the applied material has to be nearly free of impurities.

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After an optical checking of PET scrap – most PET post consumer bottles will be pressed into bales. The first step in every PET production starts with an absolute rigorous sorting process – either manual or by machines. Within this process all unwanted colors and other synthetics beside PET will be sorted out. Especially all kind of PVC has to be sorted out.
The sorted material will be grinded or shredded into small pieces depending on the future usage. We are using high capacity crushers to perform well-proportioned flakes.
Besides the sorting during the washing process which is occurring within a PET flakes washing line – either hot-washed with sterilization or only cold washed, with detergents or without, is counted among the most important steps for high quality PET flakes.

If the cleaned flakes will be dried only or if they will be heated again and pressed into little pellets, depends again on the future usage.
After the drying or pelletizing process the now clean material is packed into big bags or according to the needs of the clients.

To meet our own high requirements regarding environment protection and to avoid useless water consumption, we use separate water treatment systems both for the cold washing process and the hot washing.
PT-PRI offers not only different colors of PET, but also different kinds of flakes in regard of the impurity, respectively, according to the future use.
For the safety of clients and to ensure the quality,we have persistent quality control, as well as continuous laboratory test, which is conducted in independent laboratory.